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who we are

At its core JLX is a solutions business. We provide our clients with a unique skill set to navigate through the myriad of production environments to design, manage and deliver successful projects. Our team works collaboratively across all production disciplines and with a strong network of suppliers to support us we can ensure our clients are fully equipped to take on any challenge.

We provide a full suite of pre-production services from technical direction to administration, we build operational systems for venues to run efficiently, we provide design, drafting and pre-visualisation services for event concepts to assist in their practical delivery, we manage and operate onsite across stage and site management, lighting, sound and vision.

What we do

From concept through to final delivery the JLX team works collaboratively with all the stakeholders involved both clients and suppliers alike. This interaction provides our clients with specifications to suit requirements both practically and financially.

We focus on open and honest communication with all production partners, to create a successful outcome. Our business is driven by the quality of our service to both our clients and suppliers.



Our design skills are not just focused on creating a wow for your audience. Although that moment is the best part of the job! We also work hard in the background designing methods to optimise how we execute our work. From production planning and venue operational systems through to consulting on new venue builds or new event concept feasibility. Every part of what we do in this phase dictates the success of the projects we undertake. The problem solving is often the most fun!



We are independent adaptable, thinkers. Our strength lays within our processes that have evolved over our 21 years of business to provide consistent and practical project frameworks. Communication is central to successful management of any project, our inclusive approach ensures the entire project team are aware of the what, how, why and when of every element.




Our reputation is built upon the simple premise of delivering exactly what we say we will. Our design and management processes are crafted to meet your budget, time frame and the environment in which we are working. Our team ensures the creative, practical and safety considerations for every project are addressed and prepared for delivery. These steps combined with experienced and professional staff on the ground enable us to deliver consistently for our clients across the vast array of projects we undertake.

Production partners

Working in conjunction with our network of clients and suppliers JLX has managed and delivered hundreds of successful projects over 21 years.

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Jason Raft


  • Team leader

  • Designer

  • Administrator

  • Operator

  • Technician

  • Mediator

  • Instigator

  • Practicality handbrake.

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Richard “Zak” Harrison


  • Production Manager

  • Lighting Operator

  • Systems Design

  • Crew Boss

  • Factory Dog Minder

  • Ghost Talker

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Shanon Barclay


  • Lighting Designer

  • Workplace Health and Safety

  • Lighting Systems Designer/Operator

  • IT Integration

  • Systems Technician

  • old school gaming enthusiast

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tim evans


  • Audio designer/operator

  • Venue systems integration

  • Crewing logistics

  • Hard core bassist!

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Profile Image 3.png

Jakob Kaiser


  • Audio designer/operator

  • Venue systems integration

  • Crewing logistics

  • Shreds a guitar like a mad man!

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Terry Sheather


  • Admin guru

  • Wisdom provider

  • Old school style

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Office - 5/747 Fairfield Road, Yeerongpilly, Qld, 4105

Postal - PO Box 6247, Fairfield Gardens, Qld, 4103

Phone - 07 3352 6811

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