Our Scope

The JLX team provides services in the production
environment for a variety of private, commercial and
government clients.



Redlands Performing Arts Centre – Concert Hall

JLX provides technical support to a network of venues across South East Queensland. Working with Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council and Redlands City Council our team provides operational and consultancy services to support the councils venues and events teams. We are used on an ‘as needed’ basis to combine with the existing venue teams. This process has proven cost effective for the council bodies to ensure that their budgets are used where needed most. It also provides a clearly defined   structure for how the venues are utilised for the   communities using them. These long-term relationships have proven to be mutually beneficial to both JLX and our clients. Smoother running venues coupled with a wide variety and scale of projects for our team to hone their skills working in a community framework. We greatly value these interactions.


Mercedes Benz

 Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit

Working with the team from Cre8ion and the Queensland Government Department of Premier and Cabinet, JLX in conjunction with our wide network of suppliers delivered the Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit at the RICC in Brisbane across 4 days. The project was delivered in 7 weeks with our team delivering technical direction, production management, design, build, screen content, outside broadcast/streaming, lighting, vision, audio, styling, site staffing, post production vision packages and everything in between. From revolving chefs to robots this project had something for everyone and presented a huge amount of challenges that thanks to the strength of our network we delivered successfully.

Creative Collaborations

Save Your Life Tonight
Wild Fury Productions – “Save Your Life Tonight” – ABC 1 Series
Iceworks Design, JLX’s sister company, provides design and build services to the arts, broadcast, event and brand image industries. With both creative and delivery teams working hand in hand we have provided some unique project environments that not only meet the creative brief but are fully considered both practically and economically. From concept through to completion clients can be confident that what they want is what they will get.

Art’s & Festivals

Brisbane Festival
Brisbane Festival – “Santos City of Lights”
Throughout our history JLX has been closely involved at many levels across many Arts and Festival Projects. We have provided operational and logistical support to Brisbane Festival since its inception delivering many of their large external program elements. Our team has also worked in production/tour management and operational roles for Arts companies such as CIRCA supporting their local and international touring products. These connections have proven very positive providing the arts bodies with practical assistance from the commercial sector to strengthen the interaction of all areas of the Creative Industries. This interaction is a prime focus for our management team. The more effective we are in collaborating, the more sustainable environment for the Arts to flourish we create.